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:: Friday, July 30, 2004 ::

Ben Affleck-Please Go Away!

Is it just me, or were people like Chris Mathews and Larry King WAY too interested in Ben Affleck. I mean, he's obviously not just a shaved ape like I originally thought, but why is he a more informed guest than, say, Matt Damon, or J-Lo? They both seemed to run Affleck for a few years, anyway. At the very least, shutting up Affleck would have made the DNC coverage more tolerable. Plus, the GOP big name actor is Der Ah-nold, who not only has made more money than Affleck, he actually holds elected office. Plus, compared to Affleck, Arnold hates publicity. Oh, and I think Affleck took Edward's daughter's virginity, but that's more of a general feeling than anything else.

Final convention thought-When did John Kerry adopt Ronald Reagan's foreign policy?
:: C.M. Burns 7/30/2004 02:31:00 PM [+] :: ::
:: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 ::
Speaking Last Night-Unindicted Murderer and Mass. Sen. Ted Kennedy

July 16th(I think) was the 30th anniversary of Ted Kennedy killing Mary Jo Kapinski in his car when he drunkinly drove ot off a bridge into the Chappaquidick river. Kennedy was never charged with ANY crime, though he left the woman in the car, walked to tghe Kennedy compound, and didn't call the police until the next morning. Of course, he was a US Senator then, and the Nation was distracted by the Apollo moon landing, which happened just days later. So Kennedy walked, and that is why I call him an unidicted murderer.

Anyway, this is especially ironic because last night in his very awful speech, even by convention standards(Kennedy can give good speeches. This wasn't one), Teddy said "We bear no ill will toward our opponents. In fact, we'd be happy to have them over for a polite little tea party. I know just the place: right down the road at Boston Harbor." As The Truth Laid Bear points out, is it GOOD for Kennedy to make threats involving people drowning? Perhaps not.
:: C.M. Burns 7/28/2004 09:42:00 AM [+] :: ::
WWI Started 90 years ago today...

WWI Started 90 years ago today, as influential military giant Austria-Hungary declared war on powerhouse Serbia and everyone else had to declare war because of bizzare treaties written in sanskrit that they couldn't understand. If ever there was a TOTALLY useless war who's outcome led to worse things, like WWII, it was this one. The only lesson learned was that European diplomacy still had a long way to go. And they still do.
:: C.M. Burns 7/28/2004 09:09:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 ::
Hating Jimmy Carter.  More
Last night at the Democratic Convention, former President Jimmy Carter trotted out his usual spiel and said that Dubya had essentially ruined America's reputation.  Well, Carter should know.  He ruined it first.

:: C.M. Burns 7/27/2004 09:04:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Monday, July 26, 2004 ::
ANOTHER Reason to Hate France

I was watching the Outdoor Life Network yesterday morning, trying to see Lance Armstrong cross the finish line and secure his sixth straight Tour de France title. Well, imagine my surprise when the focus of the race is on the sprint for the winner of the STAGE, which, while nice and all, is barely a footnote in history compared to Lance Armstrong's incrdible run, including his 5 stage victories in this year's tour(a four quarter of all stage). Armstrong won by 7 minutes, and spent the final leg, which includes about 10 laps of the Champs Elysie, just sitting in the pack, keeping pace, and avoiding wiping out. Anyway, right after the stage winner crossed the finish line, the camerawork, which had been excellent, went to hell. There was no stationary camera at the finish line, or a camera following Armstrong. The final sprint was covered by what appeared to be a crane cam, which followed the action very well. But as soon as the stage winner crossed the line, the camera pulled all the way back, and armstrong wasn't shown crossing at all. The announcers for the OLN were ready to cover it, two Brits who were giving excellent coverage and we're audibly embarassed not to have footage of the historic moment that Armstrong crossed the line. As usual, however, it turns out that it's the fault of the FRENCH! IMDB.com's TV News section reports that OLN was depending on video feeds from French TV. And given the fact that the French don't much like Lance, is it any surprise they didn't have a camera on him? I don't think so. OLN eventually got a 10 second clip of the triumphant Armstrong crossing the line 20 minutes after is happened, when one of it's cameraman, who just had a videotaping camera, not broadcast capable, brought the tape back to HQ. That triumpant victory lap by Armstrong? Also barely seen. At least the French HAD to stay with Armstrong's acceptance of his trophy and the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. No Franks were on the vistory stand, by the way, with second place going to a German, and third to an Italian. Screw you, France.
:: C.M. Burns 7/26/2004 03:19:00 PM [+] :: ::
Dubya Does Good at the Urban League

President Bush has been taking a beating from the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus for essentially being the most racist President since Wilson(Old Woodrow was REALLY not a fan of minorities. Nixon was like the chair of African-American Studies at a major University next to him). Bush, now infamously, turned down an opportunity to speak at the NAACP convention, though as I wrote earlier, going to a place to get beat up on makes no sense. Of course, John Kerry made a big deal out of this at the NAACP convention. Then he pandered to them, as Democrats do to the NAACP.

Well, the President spoke at the Urban League on Friday, and by reading the coverage and the speech, I agree with Peter Kirsanow that it wasthe best speech given before a predominately black audience by either a president or major presidential candidate in at least 40 years. While recognizing that the GOP has "work to do" to earn the trust of Black voters, he also asked questions that few dare ask publicly, the gist of it was "Why does the Democratic Party deserve your automatic support?". I read the speech, and was so impressed, I'm going to exerpt part of it here, and let it stand on it's own. Go look up Kerry's speech to the NAACP and see if what he asks was as important as what Bush asked. Ok, here's the full text, and now the key part of the speech. Enjoy, note the applause, and send to a friend who thinks Bush is a racist:No, I know, I know, I know. The Republican party has got a lot of work to do. I understand that. (Laughter and applause.) You didn't need to nod your head that hard, Jesse. (Laughter.) [That was a reference to Jesse Jackson.]
Do you remember a guy named Charlie Gaines? Somebody gave me a quote he said, which I think kind of describes the environment we're in today. I think he's a friend of Jesse's. He said, "Blacks are gagging on the donkey but not yet ready to swallow the elephant." (Laughter and applause.)

Now that was said a while ago. (Laughter.) I believe you've got to earn the vote and seek it. I think you've got to go to people and say, this is my heart, this is what I believe, and I'd like your help. And as I do, I'm going to ask African American voters to consider some questions.

Does the Democrat party take African American voters for granted? (Applause.) It's a fair question. I know plenty of politicians assume they have your vote. But do they earn it and do they deserve it? (Applause.) Is it a good thing for the African American community to be represented mainly by one political party? That's a legitimate question. (Applause.) How is it possible to gain political leverage if the party is never forced to compete? (Applause.) Have the traditional solutions of the Democrat party truly served the African American community?

That's what I hope people ask when they go to the community centers and places, as we all should do our duty and vote. People need to be asking these very serious questions.

Does blocking the faith-based initiative help neighborhoods where the only social service provider could be a church? Does the status quo in education really, really help the children of this country? (Applause.)

Does class warfare — has class warfare or higher taxes ever created decent jobs in the inner city? Are you satisfied with the same answers on crime, excuses for drugs and blindness to the problem of the family? (Applause.)

Those are legitimate questions that I hope people ask as this election approaches. I'd like to hear those questions debated on talk radio, I'd like it debated in community centers, in the coffee shops. It's worthy of this country for this debate to go forward and these questions to be asked and answered.

I'm here to say that there is an alternative this year. There is an alternative that has had a record that is easy to see. If you dream of starting a small business and building a nest egg and passing something of value to your children, take a look at my agenda. If you believe schools should meet high standards instead of making excuses, take a look at my agenda. If you believe the institutions of marriage and family are worth defending and need defending today, take a look at my agenda. (Applause.)

:: C.M. Burns 7/26/2004 11:31:00 AM [+] :: ::
Hating Jimmy Carter: Fun AND Easier Than You Thought!
Remember when Jimmy Carter was America's Best ex-President, despite the fact that he'd done more harm to America as a country since any President since, well, Hoover?  It was because he built houses for poor people.  That was nice, and he deserves praise.  But Carter was always bitter that he lost to Reagan in 1980.  He always hated the Gipper, and still does.  Still, I always thought that it was hard to hate Jimmy Carter, even though I wanted to.

Well, I fear no longer, as National Review Online takes the former President down several well-deserved notches.  Read about Carter's hubris, his terrible foreign policy, and why he was part of the reason the Clinton administration looked like dolts for the first two years of it's run.  I hate Carter, now you can too!  Remember that while watching him speak tonight!

:: C.M. Burns 7/26/2004 10:41:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Thursday, July 22, 2004 ::
Annual "Death To..." List

Just as the world would watch back in the 80's when Iranian mullahs would issue fatwah's against people like Salmon Rushdie for being, well, a talented writer who said something bad about them, so today does the world watch and wait for the Sic Transit Gloria 2nd annual "Death To..." list, in which I rant and rave and declare who or what should be wiped off the face of the Earth. I couldn't find the link to the original list in the archives. But I kinda remember who was in it. There is one repeat this year. (Ed. Note: DO NOT kill anyone. The author has been medicated and put in a padded cell. This list is for entertainment purposes only. Murder is wrong and will get us in trouble)

Ok, this is gonna be a Top 5 sort of thing, counting down...

5)Death to PETA!
Yes, we here at Sic Transit Gloria have always had it in for PETA, but this year I've had enough. The goal of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals usually talk sweet in public, but their ultimate goal is to end ALL meat consumption everywhere. Really. Just visit their web site. They want to force their hysterical views on you. They are "persuading" now. Soon they will take to the streets and throw veggies at you. The final straw for me was last friday when I exited the Foggy Bottom metro station and found a PETA van and PETA people. The van had a video of cows being slaughtered on it. The PETA people were pleasently asking us if we'd like a listing of vegiterian resturants in DC. If I had had the time, I would have gone down the street, gotten a big, bloody burger, and eaten it in front of their van, commenting on how freshly killed beef tastes best. Screw these people. I have nothing against Vegitarians and Vegans. I KNOW a lot of Vegetarians and Vegans. The PETA people are not nice like your Vegetarian friend. They would sooner see you die of cancer in the street than allow a single experiment that could save your life be allowed on an animal. These people are the worst kind of traitor-traitor to their species. They care more about a chimp than you. Death to them I say! Or, if murder is illegal where you live, when you see a PETA van with a video of dead cows, grab a hot dog from a vendor or a burger from McDonalds, eat it in front of them, and wonder aloud if any of the cows on the screen made it into your system. Then tell them to fuck off.

4)Death to DC Tourists!
This is the holdover from last years list. The DC Tourist. While American tourists as a rule are terrible(I've been overseas, the Ugly American thing is no random stereotype), DC tourists seem to be the worst from ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD. The tourist is easy to spot. They congregate in groups on the sidewalk, taking up all the space. They stand all over the Metro escalators, oblivious to the fact that PEOPLE IN DC NEED TO GET TO WORK. And standing on the right and walking on the left is UNIVERSAL YOU ASSHOLES! They crowd the museums and don't have the common sense to realize that the American History Museum does NOT have the Space Shuttle in it. There's a difference between the History museum and Air and Space, you jerks! Didn't you do any planning before you showed up here, or did you just throw a bunch of awful outfits in a sack, get into you giant van, and just show up? Tourists will hold Metro doors open and break them. The 8th graders and otehr students will act like animals on the Metro and buses and their teachers won't do a thing. So I've had it with tourists. My plan is to move all the monuments to one place (preferably Alaska), and unless you live and work in the DC area, you only get to visit there ONCE! If you come back, you get shot. Not too Democratic I know, but it's a start. Also, a "special", "short bus" will be used to carry tourists around. Proof of business in the DC area will be required to take the train. Those found to be on the train without business? Shot on sight. Facistic, yes, but this only applies to tourists, and the rules will never be changed to affect normal Human Beings with an ounce of Common sense.

3)Death to Metro Executives!
When I was a young lad of 23 and fresh to DC, the Metro seemed like a wonder to me. It was pretty cheap, apparently well-run, and damn if the stations weren't clean. Now, four years later, as a hardened 27 year old, all I can say is that the Metro Execs have run this once proud institution into the ground. Commute times and Fares are way up, but quality of service has collapsed. Metro has apparently been designed in the opposite of the old standard for design. Here, function follows form, not vice versa, so long lines exist everywhere and escalators constantly break down, and it take an hour for a 10 minute ride. At night, the trains come once every half an hour after 8, and they are always full. Execs even turned to just having TWO CAR TRAINS until it became an obvious safety hazard. Two cars, when the consensous is that Metro needs MORE cars. Metro also needs new cars. While these are "nice", subways should not have "nice" cars. They should have cars that serve the largest number of people without being safety hazards. The subway in NYC and Chicago's "el" trains all have cars that are utilitarian and can fit a lot of people. Yes, they can be crowded, but you're less likely to get to know the person next to you's armpit stink on them. Metro cars look nice, and when they're empty, they are nice to ride in. But since the vast majority of riders take the trains when they are crowded, the nice factor is x'd out. Then, in a stunning display of dumbness, Metro execs raised fares twice in 8 months, forced all commuters who park to buy a SmartTrip card and then closed down a lot of parking lots. And now, instead of actually using the money for system improvements, they're going to buy BIGGER MESSAGE BOARDS, not bigger cars, or more cars, or more parking. Bigger Light Boards that tell you how fucked up the system is on any given day. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Metro is obviously being run by mentally deficient monkeys. These people are seriously dumb. So they must be stopped. If you are not allowed to kill them by law, never take the Metro if you can avoid it. Take away their money. Bring revenues down. Hopefully, someone will notice that the "improvements" the Metro board has enacted are stupid and will fire them all and put something or someone in charge that actually has a clue. Like an actual rider. I bet the execs don't even take the Metro. Hey, if I made what they did, I wouldn't either. Also, the new Metro czar would force those Georgetown fucks to build a damn station.

2)Death to Smoochy!
I swear, if I see Robin Williams in another movie I am gonna snap...This thing sucked! Hard! And how come Jon Stewart is funny as a news anchor but can't ACT to save the lives of hundred of orphans? Christ, that movie sucked. Someone tell Director Danny DeVito that he stopped being useful a long, long time ago. Right around "Batman Returns"

Finally, Number one...
1)Death to the New York Times
Yes, the "Old Grey Lady" need to be euthanized. I can stand liberal bias in the Newspaper and on TV. Hell, I think I would have loved the old days when each city had like 15 papers and not one of them was objective. It wasn't until after WWII that we decided to make papers "objective". But once we did, we should have kept with it, and the New York Times has finally crossed the line of what I can take. Lets start with their front page and move around a bit. The Sandy Berger documents in his clothes story is the talk of the political class, so the NY Times is spinning with all it's might today in a story about the very serious breach of security by a former Clinton high-up entitled White House Knew of Inquiry on Aide; Kerry Camp Irked
. Yes, because Sandy Berger likely broke some very tough laws, it's Bush's fault. The gist of the story is essentially that the White House leaked it, and they are bad for doing so. Now, I won't get into the debate about who leaked it now. If you want some really good theories, go to instapundit and just scroll down. Lots of different takes from all over the spectrum. And very, very few think it was the Bush team. But that's not my complaint. After burying the original Berger story on page A19 on Tuesday, the Times is essentially acting as a Berger defender, whereas the Washington Post and others have been looking into all aspects. The Times pieces could have been written by Kerry's staff. They ignore the fact that Kerry says he didn't know that a senior advisor was under investigation, whereas President Clinton said he knew for months. There is a story here, but it's not who leaked it. Do you think that if a Bush Admin official was under investigation for "accidentally" taking top-secret documents from the National Archives before the 9/11 Commission saw them, that the Times would care who leaked it, and then have that be the lede on their story about it? Of course not. This is not a "slanted" article. This is not just natural inherent political bias that everyone has. This is playing politics with the news. Now, like any good Conservative(or at least Republican) I've always loathed the Times, but accepted it for it's excellent Arts coverage and good international section. But the Times is out of control. Their Arts Guru, Frank Rich, hasn't written a column on the arts for years. Every single Sunday it's a screed against the President. Why is this not on the Opinion Page? Then there was the bizzare crusade against Augusta National and the Master's because Augusta did not accept women members. It was the ONLY story the Times went after, and they were gross enough to suggest that Tiger Woods was essentially a traitor to his race by not accepting the Times assumption that barring women from membership was the same as barring blacks. There is a difference, but the Times didn't notice, nor did it care that Tiger simply wants to be known as a golfer, not as someone of a particular race who happens to be good at golf. The Times used to be an indespensible read for me. Now, I could do without it. It employs three of the worst columnists in history on it's op/ed page-Maureen Dowd, Bob Herbet, and Paul Krugman. Herbert is sort of the epitome of the Bush hater, but Dowd has been awful since the first 4 years of Clinton, and Krugman is simply insane. Plus, William Safire really stopped exemplifing a typical Republican about 24 years ago. So yes, I say death to the Times. May the much more respectable Washington Post take it's place as the National "Paper of Record". Douse the office in gas, toss a match, and watch her burn. At the very least, if MoveOn can sue Fox News over "Fair and Balanced" being a lie, can't, say, the Heritage Foundation sue the Times for "All the News That's Fit to Print"? Burn, baby, burn.

Well. That was cathartic. All my demons excercised at once! And now...I rest.
:: C.M. Burns 7/22/2004 10:43:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 ::
As If You Needed Another Reason to Hate Duke...

Duke University is where Satan lives, or so any college basketball fan will tell you. The Great Deciever resides in Cameron Fieldhouse and owns the soul of Dick Vitale. Even the Duke mascot, the "Blue Devils" announces the unholy one's influence. Here's a fun fact: Duke was founded by Satan worshippers(ed. note: Stop lying, you know it was Pagans!) Now, he is reaching his talons across America to make you think that YOUR college sucks, and not vice versa. Apparently, Satan(Duke U) and Apple have just inked a deal to give every freakin' incoming Frosh a brand new, 20-gig iPod. 20-Gigs. Retails at about $399 each. For all 1650 Freshman. Duke is apparently putting some mind-altering software on as well, and providing iTunes to all it's students. See! Satan at work! The iPod should not be GIVEN to undeserving DUKE students! Give it to poor kids on scholarship or loans, but not the spoiled, I didn't get into an Ivy brats at Duke! I tell you, Duke must be stopped! By you! I'm too busy. God, I hate that place.
:: C.M. Burns 7/21/2004 11:22:00 AM [+] :: ::
Bizzaro Week in Washington

OK, the last 10 days or so have seen a big turnaround in the news cycle here in Washington. After months upon months of heaping crap on the Bush Administration, the media has finally turned it's attention to Democrats. Specifically Joe "Non-Partisan I swear, Now Vote Kerry!" Wilson and now Sandy Berger. Joe Wilson, I'm sorry AMBASSADOR Joe Wilson, the "truth-teller" who somoehow spent a weak sipping tea in Niger and decided that Iraq had apparently never even THOUGHT about uranium in Africa, has been exposed by a joint Senate Intelligence Committee report as a fraud, a liar, and a general scumbag who not only manufactured a scandal to embarass the President and Vice-President, but lied to Congress, several sympathetic Democrats, and the entire staffs of "The Nation" and "Salon.com". Last night he apparently was on Newshour on PBS, and was called a liar straight to his face by Senator Kit Bond (R-MO). Apparently, he had no good response. Wilson made headlines last year when he claimed that the White House outed his wife as a CIA Agent in order to...well, hurt her in some way for his powerful truth telling. Turns out, the leak may have been to discredit HIM, as the point of the leak seems to be that the reason this blowhard got sent to investigate claims of uranium buying in Iraq because he wife recommended him. Anyway, he was one of the administrations harshest critics, adored by the Media and the Left, and now he stands in ruins, shaking his fists at a bipartisan intelleigence report that all he can call is "Republican-written", even though the toughest claims against him are in the part that passed unanimously. So, bye Joe Wilson. I hope you're still not headlining the Salon Cruise!

The second, and by far more wierd turn, came the other day when it was revealed that the DOJ has been investigating former Clinton NSA and current Kerry Adviser Sandy Berger. Investigating him for stuffing crucial 9/11 documents down his pants, or on his pockets or his socks, or whatever. Now, Berger wasn't a very GOOD NSA, but he was honest, so the conventional wisdom here in DC is that he simply screwed up. He is at least, however guily of gross neglegence, and everyone is asking WHAT WAS HE THINKING!. So, as I said, he wasn't a good, or SMART, NSA, but I don't think he acted maliciously. Still, many, many wierd questions surround this case. The one the Dems are asking is about the timing of the leak. An obvious, and not implausible, reason is that the Dem convention is next week, and the Republicans are trying to distract attention. I might buy that. It's not an evil political move, and in fact was perfected during the Clinton Administration. It is rather savvy. However, that still leads to the question of why he was taking the documents, and also this little tidbit that drudge picked up on last night. Former President Clinton says that he had known for a while that Berger was under investigation. Well, why didn't he tell Kerry so that Kerry would get him off the campaign? Why didn't BERGER tell Kerry this damaging info? As some have speculated, Clinton is being Clinton, doesn't want Kerry to win, and is creating a BIGGER controversey. Anyway, the White House is having a good week, the first in a LONG TIME, and they must be pleased that Wilson is dicredited and revealed as a liar, and that they can't be the only White House accused of incompetence with National Security issues. I actually don't think 9/11 was preventable, but do think that maybe the White House should have made the CIA and FBI work closer. Everyone in town knew that they didn't share info and it was a problem. Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens next in Bizzaro Washington.
:: C.M. Burns 7/21/2004 09:14:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 ::
Cosby's Got Reason TO Be Mad

Great article over in Slate today about Bill Cosby and why he's gotten so vocal lately. It's a terrific look at the truly remarkable life he's lived, and really stands as a testament as to how he's earned the right to speak out on issues that make black leaders uncomforatble. Turns out the Cos has been leading by example since before a lot of them were born. For the record, I love the man and he's been making me laugh for years. Now, he's making all of us think, as well.
:: C.M. Burns 7/14/2004 02:00:00 PM [+] :: ::
Edwards' Medicare Tax Shelter

Ah, hypocrisy, thy name is politician. This time, the hypocrite is Senator and Veep candidate John Edwards, who
used a tax shelter to avoid paying $600,000 in medicare taxes, even though he critisized tax shelters for UNDERMINING Medicare. But he supports the little guy. If ANY Republican had done this, not only would it be front page news, the pressure would be so great that the person would probably be forced to apologize and then make some empty gesture. Watch this story not get covered. And people say the Media is pro-Bush. Well, insane people, anyway.
:: C.M. Burns 7/14/2004 11:07:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 ::
Iraq News You Won't Get in the NY Times or on CNN

Apparently, Al Qaida is having major problems in Iraq, something you won't hear about in the news. Their most popular form of attack, the suicide bomb, isn't sending Iraqis to their side, mostly because the Iraqis are smart enough to realize that THEY get blown up more than the American's do. Apparently, it's increased the number of informants that tell Iraqi and US forces where to GET al-Qaida. And lets not forget that the groups are also splintering, with al-Zaqari having a price placed on his head by a group of Iraqis who may not like the US all that much, but think he's a total fuckhead. The Iraqi people are proving capable of self-rule. That the media is surprised it hasn't happened overnight is not shocking, but expected, as the they are clueless as to how things actually happen in the real world.
:: C.M. Burns 7/13/2004 11:13:00 AM [+] :: ::
Why Bush Didn't Visit the NAACP

The President has been getting way too much flack from black leaders about his decision not to go the NAACP convention this past weekend. The usual comments about how the GOP are racists and whatnot has come up. And while undoubtably there are racists in the GOP, not to mention the Democrats, whose eldest statesman, Sen. Robert Byrd, is a former Klan leader(he also said the N-word on TV a few years ago, but nobody in his party demanded his resignation), I think it's obvious that rejecting the NAACP is not tantamount to ignoring black people. In fact, ignoring them was the only thing Bush could do, as Deroy Murdock writes today. The NAACP has been unrelentingly unfair to Bush since before he became President, going back to the 2000 election has the nastiest political ad since the "Daisy" ad of 1964. The NAACP ran a commercial that essentially accused Bush of being less than concerned about the horrendous murder of James Byrd by three rednecks in 1998 in Texas. As Murdock points out, two of the three got death.

Also, the President will be speaking to the Urban League, a group of black leaders who's politics are, if not the Presidents, at least not HOSTILE to the Preident. The NAACP leadership never once gave Bush a fair chance, even though he did address their 2000 convention. Since Bush favored welfare reform, opposed Affirmative Action and hate crimes legislation, and supported school vouchers, positions the NAACP opposes, they chose to label him a racist. Would you speak to a group that had no interest in what you had to say and is planning to end your political career to matter what you said? I wouldn't. Bush will get his message to black voters out at the Urban League and in his own ads. If he's smart, he'll be agressive about it, as the Democrats haven't done anything for minorities since the 1960's, but still pander to them and take them for granted. Since the NAACP has grown out of touch, it's smart of the president to take his message past them to the people. If the NAACP wants to regain it's legitamacy, it should open it's mind to other opinions. And that's my two sense. Stay classy, blogosphere.
:: C.M. Burns 7/13/2004 11:03:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Friday, July 09, 2004 ::
Shameless Attempt To Increase Traffic

Frank J., the bizzare but hilarious blogger over at IMAO, is celebrating his two year "blogaversary" today, and is demanding his readers link to a favorite posting of his. Never one to miss out on a hip trend, I decided that I would link to "Know Thy Enemy: Al Gore", which has some surprising information about Al Gore you might not have known, such as the fact that Al Gore spent most of his vice presidency trying to keep Clinton away from his daughters. Enjoy!
:: C.M. Burns 7/09/2004 10:51:00 AM [+] :: ::
:: Tuesday, July 06, 2004 ::
Anti-Trade Edwards For Veep!

Well, John Kerry surprised no one, picking the safest possible Veep candidate in John Edwards. Edwards, who Kerry lambasted up and down the campaign trail last winter, brings a youthful energy and the good people skills that Kerry lacks. He also brings in the anti-trade credentials to make him popular with Unions, which Kerry lacks. Oh, he has the Unions, but he's actually PRO-free trade, unlike populist Edwards, who would destroy the US Economy with some of the more protectionist principles he talked about during his campaign. The populist side of Edwards is his best assest. He was raised poor and made a fortune on big lawsuits, which the GOP will and should target. Edwards is an opponent of Tort Reform, which has been an effective GOP issue in recent years. Edwards also has flaws, including his lack of experience with just 5 years in the Senate, and his minimal awareness of foreign policy, which Kerry also pounded him on. Kerry/Edwards people say he'll be great on the stump and in his one debate with VP Cheney, but while Chenet isn't as smooth as Edwards, he's much craftier, and can roast him on National Security.

Now, usually, VP picks don't mean much, and are very symbolic. Cheney really didn't deliver and states for Bush in 2000, but he did add much needed international experience to the ticket. In 1984, the pick of Geraldene Ferraro by Mondale was symbolic and a mistake since they didn't vet her Husband who had bad tax returns. The last Veep to really deliver much was Johnson, who literally delivered Texas to JFK in 1960. I'm unseure what Edwards can deliver. He's popular, but he didn't exactly sweep through the South in the primaries. I think he's a very cosmetic choice, young blood for the old Kerry. He's certainly a better pick than Gephardt, whop would probably LOSE states for Kerry. The GOP should be wary of him, and indeed they are, as a vist to this site already has 25-plus pages of background on him. Obviously, they were ready, unlike the NY Post, which named Gephardt. Idiots. On thing is for certain. Come November, no one will remember that Howard Dean even ran in 2004. And for that, we can be thankful.
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:: Friday, July 02, 2004 ::
Marlon Brando, RIP

The Godfather, Stanley Kowalski, Jor-El. Just three roles that Marlon Brando made memorable. Well, he passed away last night at the age of 80. He was an incredible actor, even in his later, some would say "loopy" years. I first saw him in "Superman", and then "On the Waterfront", but of course he'll always be Don Corleone to me. RIP Godfather, you were a master.
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Seeing Spider-Man 2 May Well Be The Best Way To Celebrate Independence Day

OK, I saw Spidey 2 last night, and I have to say, I fruggin' loved it. It was spectacular. It was funny, emotional, had the perfect amount of action, and was more than a "super hero" movie. It was just a great film, period.

I write that it may be a great well to celebrate the Fourth because the film celebrates what's best about America's ideals, and I don't mean Conservative of Liberal, Democrat or Republican ideals, I mean the things that we strive to be: better friends, better sons, better lovers, better people. How we try in our heart of hearts to do the right thing, and how sometimes we fail. It's a terrific film that has you jumping out of the theater on a high. Now, I know "F9/11" is hoping to be the "Patriotic Dissent" film, but everyone who loved it says it makes you mad. Why would you want to be mad on The Fourth of July, the day we started on the path we continue on? Maybe I'm old fashioned, but a comic-book movie seems the way to go. Comic characters like Spidey and Superman were always about America, and what we WANTED to be as a Nation and as a People. Superman was the ideal of us as a country, fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way, and he can be appreciated regardless of ideology. His enemies were criminals and those who wished to dominate the world. The most inspiring moment in any Super-Hero film is the end of Superman II(just ever so slightly better than Spide 2, not least because Spidey 2 steals some plot elements from it), when Superman is flying the American flag back to the top of the White House. In that moment, Superman is everything we want America to be, representing our greatest hopes for the Nation. Spider-Man works because he's an every-man, a kid who has all of our individual hopes and dreams and wants in him. He has to learn about sacrifice, and when you hear "with great power comes great resposnsibility", well, not to be TOO jingoistic, but that sounds like America's challenge in the Post-Cold War era. But the film is optomistic about the character of this young everyman, Peter Parker, and it's optimistic about the souls of the good people he protects. It's a great movie because it shows a hero with all of his flaws laid bare, and still gets us to root for him. So for the Fourth, I reccommend this popcorn flick over the fiery Polemic, so at least for that one day, we can forget about Politics and whats right or wrong with our world, and we can go see what IS so great about us as Americans. Spidey Swings!
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:: Thursday, July 01, 2004 ::
Coolest Website For Die-Hard Politicos This Month

If you're like me, and face it, you're not, you just love the history of Presidential Politics. Whether it's old convention footage or classic memoriabilia from campaigns, I just love this stuff. Well, the American Museum of the Moving Image has done me and other die hard politicos a major service by putting every major preisdential ad since 1952 on it's website in a collection called "The Living Room Candidate". It's facinating to watch how ads have changed over the years, and how many have stayed the same. Check it out for classic LBJ, Reagan, JFK, Ike, and even a couple good Mondale ads and everyone else who ran for President in the last 50 years. It's good stuff, I tells ya, and for Reagan fans, go to the Mondale and Carter ads and see JUST HOW WRONG the Dems were about the Gipper. For Clinton fans, see those really effective '92 ads that Bush 41 couldn't hope to beat. There's something for everyone. Get to it!
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